POD Containers

These are modular containers that are connected to each other (up to three) to form a larger container that is handled as a single unit. This is made possible by our patented Container Interlock Device.

Each POD is self-sustaining thanks to an internal lithium-iron battery that is charged via roof-mounted solar panels. POD containers are designed to be transported by heavy and medium-duty vehicles (e.g. tractor-trailers and rigid trucks).

Gross Weight: 10,160kg Length (1x) Length (3x) Width Height
European Union (ALL) 4,572 mm 13,716 mm 2,550 mm 2,896 mm
European Union (GER) 4,990 mm 14,970 mm 2,550 mm 2,896 mm
United Kingdom 5,210 mm 15,650 mm 2,550 mm 2,896 mm
North America 5,385 mm 16,154 mm 2,600 mm 2,896 mm
Worldwide 6,134 mm 18,402 mm 2,500 mm 2,896 mm