Mzigo at SOLUTRANS 2021

Together with our OEM partner, Renault Tech, Mzigo S.A. was represented at the SOLUTRANS 2021 exhibition in Lyon, France.

Visitors got the chance to experience Mzigo’s POD Box prototype, which was specifically developed for the Renault Master and EZ-Flex vans. The key to Mzigo’s modular concept is Container Quick-Lock’s innovative E-Lock, which was also on display at the Renault booth. Together, the three companies showcased a vision for future urban logistics and last-mile delivery that was well-received by the visitors.

As Mzigo S.A. prepares to enter the European market in 2023, the feedback obtained from various players will prove invaluable as the company charges ahead!

On hand were Mzigo S.A.’s CEO, Mr. Paul der Weduwe (left), and Chairman, Dr. Maik Ziegler (right).